Do You Recall Your Dreams?

Greetings RoseBuds!  As some of you may recall, I’ve written a blog (or two) about dreaming of crystals and what they may represent in your dreams.  This is something I find very fascinating (since I’ve dreamt of crystals many times throughout my life).  This month at RoseSprings our featured stones are Peridot and Smoky Quartz, so let me share with you the possible messages the crystals may be trying to share with you J

Let’s say you’ve had a series of challenges in your life for the past few months.  One morning you awake with the memory of dreaming that you were out in a forest, trying to find your way, but feeling like you walked in circles.  You notice something bright green (almost glowing) on the ground.  You stop to pick it up, you gaze upon it and notice it is a piece of peridot and it instantly connects with you…  The periot may be telling you that you need to be cautious for a while.  Maybe you haven’t been respecting your own boundaries and pushing your limits, or you are in a flow of more giving than receiving and the energies between relations are off balance.  Which can block you from walking your path in a progressive manner.

Next dream, you are digging holes that just don’t get any deeper, you are stressed and feeling very troubled.  As you’re digging you hit something hard, you pull it up and see that it is a beautiful dark piece of smoky quartz, within the crystal there are rainbows.  Smoky quartz is trying to tell you that your times of stress and trouble are beginning to move out of your life and you will start to feel better!  Trust and have faith J

Brightest of Blessings… Chrissie

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