Do You Have Toxic Bioaccumulation?

By Linda A. Baker, Therapy Technician

Did you know that we come in contact regularly with over 80,000 toxic chemicals in our surrounding environment?  And researchers say that the average person carries a minimum of 700 known toxins in their blood, skin, fat tissue, brain tissue, liver, digestive and other organ systems. Many contaminants are found in household cleaning agents, personal hygiene products, and lawn care, plastics that you eat and drink out of, food and water, as well as the air we are breathing.  Modern life is actually pretty toxic, which is why regular detoxing is so important to your health, vitality and longevity.

A few years ago I scheduled an energy balance with one of the RoseSprings Center’s practitioners more out of curiosity than dis-ease at the time.  But much to my amazement, during the session, there was an ‘in your face’ ammonia smell.  As I started to comment to the therapist about their cleaning service we realized it was coming from ME.  And, after a moment of reflection, I remembered cleaning the inside of the glass shower enclosure a day to two earlier with a ‘new’ household product and coughing while in the small confined space.  I was grateful for the unexpected detoxing session and the experience has made me a more conscious consumer.

Now I’d also like to say that I only buy organic produce, but that would be lie.  I do my best based on availability and economics.  It’s a risk that I’ve decided to take knowing that I may be ingesting impurities that can be harmful to my body.  I also crave foods with sugars knowing full well that they are low-energy foods which overwork my digestive system creating an intestinal environment ripe for opportunistic parasites to thrive in, which also takes away from my optimal immune system.  Now, our body’s primary elimination organs are the colon, skin, kidneys and lungs and they are designed to bind and eliminate these foreign substances from our body on a daily basis.   When this doesn’t happen, the waste products and toxins accumulate in our cells and tissues. This toxic bioaccumulation causes inflammation and damage that can lead to chronic disease and abnormal brain and nervous system activity along with weight gain.

The good news is that there are a variety of ways that you can detox – healthy eating and hydration, retreats, yoga, meditation and exercise classes are only some of the more obvious and traditional.  The non-traditional strategies for maintaining optimal health are the NRG Detox Foot Bath and the FDA approved Amethyst Bio-mat of which are both ideal all-natural complements to any detox program.

The NRG Foot Bath is a bioelectric device that utilizes electricity and water to energize the body and enhance its natural capacity to detoxify.   Sessions are 35 min. and it’s fun to detox with a friend.  The second detox therapy was developed by NASA Scientists during the early space age.   The Amethyst Biomat combines far infrared light rays, negative ion therapy and the healing power of amethyst crystals to promote healing and detoxification at the cellular level.   By simply resting on the Biomat for a short session of between 15 and 45 minutes, you can dramatically increase your body’s natural detox capabilities and benefit from a wide range of health benefits.   The major results people experience with or after both therapy sessions may include:

  • Weight loss and improved energy enhanced immunity
  • Better skin and hair along with reduced pain and more restful sleep
  • Mental clarity, better digestion and improved healing


These are two of the latest in personal care technologies developed by researchers and scientists as a therapeutic aid for greater health and wellbeing.  Both are available at RoseSprings Center.

Your body will thank you for detoxing on a regular basis!