Do You Have a Hard Time Saying “No”?

If you answered yes, then read on…  Do you say yes to others, even when you are exhausted or it doesn’t feel right in your heart?  I’ve been there, and can tell you, RoseBusd, it’s exhausting!   I’ve used many of the Bach Flower Essences, and for me, found Centaury to be the one for learning to just say NO!  Centaury caused me to gain more courage in taking back my power and releasing the people in my life that tried to dominate me.  I no longer worried about pleasing others, standing in my power and saying no (really connecting to my heart, as our hearts will let you know when to say “no”) became easier and easier.

One of the (positive) side effects of Centaury may include; learning to nourish one’s self and acting out from strength of inner purpose.  So, if you are seeking a fun way to feel better, you’ve got to try Bach Flower Essences.   I am so glad I did, they have an essence from helping you over coming old behaviors and healing from past hurts, to manifesting more joy into your life.

Brightest of Blessings,

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