Do Crystals Speak to You in Your Dreams?

According to the book “Crystal Enchantments” by DJ Conway, to dream of tourmaline means to be watchful of unexpected and potential dangers.  I once met a guy online and while I took a few days contemplating on whether I would go out on a date with him, I had a dream that he and I were walking in the river and he was showing how it was full of pink tourmaline, suffice it to say, after reading the dream meaning,  I never went out on that date.

When I ask, “do crystals speak to you in your dreams?”  I have to say “yes!” I’ve dreamt of crystals since the beginning of my spiritual path.  To dream of carnelian may indicate that extremely negative thoughts are sent your way.  In my past life (meaning life with the X husband), I dreamt about finding carnelian (a few times), I soon experienced some mishaps, there was activity with negative entities and lots of bad juju coming from my X mother-in-law.  Not only did the carnelian warn me, but it is an excellent stone for protection and just what I needed at the time.   So, suffice it to say, when the crystals speak to me in my dreams, I listen!

Brightest of Blessings… Chrissie

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