Detoxing Through Your Feet!

The idea of detoxing through your feet is not new and is rooted in the natural Chinese medicine of acupuncture and reflexology. In these doctrines the feet are highly regarded because of its unique properties. Feet are believed to be like a “mirror”, a reflection of the entire system.  Feet have special points known as acupuncture points and zones that are related to the internal organs of the whole body. Most of the meridians (energy channels) are ending on the sole.  Therefore because of its unique properties feet are an ideal pathway to treat the whole body.

One of the most obvious signs of the efficiency of an NRG detox foot bath is the release of “toxic” substances once feet are submerged and an electric current is initiated.   Now don’t be alarmed dear Rosebuds, your feet are in good hands with technician Linda Baker! The NRG detox foot bath is a safe and very low voltage device…

During the session only some toxins are immediately released through the sweat glands of the foot. As the NRG Foot bath stimulates the whole body, the elimination of toxins takes place naturally through the other detox channels (blood, lymph, etc…).  It is important to remember that foot detoxification does not mean that toxins are only released through the feet, but rather uses the ability of the feet to accelerate detoxification in the body.  And as you know toxins have adverse effects on the body, therefore it is essential to detoxify to achieve and maintain optimal health.

In fact, Rosebuds, if you need a little energy boost, this Season, or right after it, an NRG Foot Bath might be the right therapy to help you feel cleansed, rejuvenated, energize, and all together, feel much better! Studies, have demonstrated many benefits, such as pain reduction, enhanced immune system, improved recovery time, increased energy, mental and emotional clarity wellness.

Wellness is a gift to be cherished and shared, and with that, Rosebuds, I am going to wish you a very healthy and merry Christmas.

We are One. Light, Love and Power.

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