Deborah O’Brien

Life Coach and Energy HealerDSC_0767 (3)

When it comes to working with energies, Deborah is passionate because it awakens people to the experience of their spiritual nature as vital to the quality of their health and life.  She enjoys being a witness, a student, and a teacher as she uses these techniques to heal others.  Deborah is great at putting people at ease and is gentle with the process of empowering them without making them feel that anything has ever been “wrong” with them. She enjoys working with people to easily find more comfort with their inner world clearing negative thought patterns and emotions that trigger self-defeating behaviors with relationships of all kinds; people, finances, food, and career.

Working in private elder care while recovering from the effects of the recession allowed Deborah time to study to be a health and life coach and begin her train in energy healing.  Schools that she has attended include The International Center for Reiki Training for Usui ART/Master, Karuna, and Holy Fire II Reiki from 2010-2016.  The Institute for Integrative Nutrition 2010-2012, and The American Institute for Holistic Health and Wellness 2013-2014 (MINDS) Minds Inspired New Dynamic System HAPM.  Deborah has received certifications in Holistic Health and Nutrition Coaching, she is a Usui/Karuna/Holy Fire II Reiki Master and she is also a Board Certified Holistic Alternative Psychology Master

Here are some things that Deborah shared about herself.

1. I have raised 4 girls into vibrant, healthy, happy women who are great mothers and wives and have 5 grandchildren.

2. I was a single mother with 3 young girls aged 12, 9, and 7, and one of my daughters was diagnosed “bi-polar”

3. I am a testament to the power of alternative healing.  One of my 3 daughter’s was diagnosed as having bi-polar disease.  I didn’t, however, put her on medications and
treated her with mindful awareness to redirect her emotions using music and change of thoughts.  Today, she is a healthy vibrant woman with no further symptoms of “bi-polar” behavior.

4. I was a co-owner of one of the largest real estate offices on the Oregon coast serving on the board of directors as a shareholder of an S corp, Windermere Distinctive Coastal Properties two offices in Lincoln City and Salishan.