Crystals, Infrared Light and Negative Ions, oh my!

RoseBuds!  Have you ever heard of the Amethyst Bio-Mat?  The Bio-Mat is another amazing therapy to help detox your body…plus a whole lot more.  There are three healing elements to the Amethyst Bio-Mat that will help you feel good.  The first is amethyst crystals that help with sleep problems, clears blockages and aligns the charkas.  Next is the Far Infrared Light, this was actually discovered by NASA to be the safest most beneficial natural light wave and penetrates 6” to 8” into your body.  YAY NASA!  The Far Infrared Light has been shown to destroy cancer cells without harming surrounding healthy cells.  Click here to learn more.

The third element is the Negative Ions.  Negative Ions are naturally created, fast-moving electrical particles that cleanse and purify the air we breathe.  And, in this case, help us detox at a cellular level.  High amounts of Negative Ions are found in the lush forests, by the ocean and near waterfalls, that is why we all feel revived and energized when they are out in nature.

I was just telling my husband “You have got to try the Amethyst Bio-Mat!  It feels fantastic and I know you’d love it just as much as I do, simply due to the lack of pain while on my back…”  My experience with the Bio-Mat was awesome, normally I cannot lay flat on my back without pain, after 5 minutes I felt absolutely no pain, I was so relaxed and could have stayed there for hours and drifted off into complete bliss, it felt wonderful!   You can have this same feeling and you’ll be glad you did!

Brightest of Blessings,


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