Crystals Do More Than Aid You Metaphysically!

Have you tried using crystals to heal physical issues?  Did you know that peridot will help strengthen the blood and regenerate tissue?  When you wear or carry stones, their vibration stays high and brings your vibration up, thus healing the physical issues that carry lower vibrations.  The same goes for the emotional feelings we all experience.  Peridot is a great stone to reduce anger (this is why I carry it in my car for rush hour) and calm the emotions, I know I feel better when I look at my little peridot hanging there on the rearview mirror, the color is also calming to me.

If any of you RoseBuds are looking for new adventures, use peridot as its energies are completely supportive of bringing in that energy that will create new adventures and challenges.  One supportive energy that it offers is its ability to align the subtle etheric bodies and increase your desire for personal growth!  As I write this blog, I’m thinking I need to create a new grid using peridot and tap into the energies I have yet to experience!

Brightest of Blessings…Chrissie

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