Crystals, Archangels and the Messages Within…

Hey RoseBuds!  Did you know that each crystal has an Archangel associated with it?  Did you also know according to Doreen Virtue that many crystals have channeled messages to share with the world?  Aqua-Marine is one of the featured stones for the month of November and I would like to share with you the channeled message from Doreen’s Crystal Therapy book.  First of all, the Archangels associated with aqua-marine are Ariel & Raguel.  Archangel Ariel is great to call upon for environmentalism, especially when concerning bodies of water, and for helping to protect and heal wild animals, fish and birds.  This is fitting since aqua-marine is a great stone for connecting to rivers, lakes, and oceans.  Archangel Raguel helps with protecting travelers and space clearing.  Aqua marine is also great for protecting travelers from accidents.

Now for the message….“I unite with you to cleanse the environment with dedication and fervor for our shared commitment to keep the water of life pristine.  Clear your aura with me while synchronizing your physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies.  I augment composure, leaving hints of fairies at play within your improved humor and disposition.  Wear me close to your heart to feel the sea, recalling dolphin dances with innocent childhood delight.  Lose your concerns in my ocean of green and blue, releasing fear and anxiety to the Sea Goddesses and replacing your old beliefs with blissful knowingness and trust.” (from Crystal Therapy by Doreen Virtue).

Brightest of Blessing,

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