Crystal Therapy

As some of you may know, crystals are the original medicines of earth. In the days of old, many types of crystals were made into gem elixirs, powders and amulets to help protect, heal and progress spiritually.

Crystals, minerals, gems, they all have powerful healing properties. You can use crystals for your physical body, chakras, aura, etheric body, home environment and so much more!

Crystal Therapy is a great way to clear and balance your energy. By placing various crystals around or on the body (also known as Laying of Stones) you can remove blockages, past beliefs, cording, attachments and stagnation in your being. Crystal Therapy can also enhance your chakras and intuitive abilities; another great side-effect is a boost in self-esteem, calmness and peace. Always trust your intuition and know that the crystals hold great love for all beings!

Brightest of Blessings…



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