Clear Quartz: the God Quartz

clear quartzI have to admit, I was the one that started calling Clear Quartz “The God Quartz”. The reason I call it that is because Clear Quartz can be programmed to do anything, so it can be anything you want it to be. Of all the crystals on Earth, Clear Quartz appeared first, growing at the core of our planet and being pushed up through millennia of planetary activity. Through the eons of growing and raising to the surface, Clear Quartz has absorbed all the Earth’s energy and wisdom; becoming the “master healer” of all crystals. Clear Quartz can even heal other crystals.

The list of gifts Clear Quartz offers is so extensive, where do I begin? As the premier crystal of the mineral kingdom, Clear Quartz has a lot of attributes. I think the main one is the ability to be programmed, and its ability to increase the power of other crystals. If you don’t own any other crystal in your life, please get one of these. When you open to your intuition, Clear Quartz will even tell you how it wants to be used. Does it want to teach, heal, radiate, receive or send, or…? RoseSpringsCenter has a huge variety of clear Quartz, in so many personality types; we have channelers, Isis, windows, and many others. Come visit RoseSpringsCenter, and have a little treasure hunt in our store. You are sure to discover just the right Clear Quartz to help you feel better.

Shine On!


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