Clear Quartz Is Truly A Master Healer!

Greetings RoseBuds!

Are you ready for Summer?

Are you ready for some last minute spring cleaning on a metaphysical level? Look to the crystal clan for Clear Quartz, this all-purpose healer repels and clears negative energy in your aura and your surroundings.  In each room of my house, I can guarantee you will find some type of Clear Quartz clearing and protecting my home.  One great way to keep your metaphysical tools, clean and clear is by placing a piece of Clear Quartz in your “toolbox”.  I feel better knowing that when I put my cards, etc away, they are being cleared, cleaned and ready to go for the next session.

Clear the clutter within and you’ll find your connection to spirit clear and more concise, you’ll begin to attract more blessings and support from people you never imagined!  Clear Quartz is a multi-purpose healing stone and perfect for de-cluttering the energies you carry in your physical and emotional bodies.  Try adding Clear Quartz to your bath, along with some sea salt, a few drops of lavender essential oils (don’t forget the candle) and you’ve got yourself a nice space for clearing out the old and making room for higher vibration to enter  your life!  You deserve it, come on… you KNOW you do!

Brightest of Blessings…


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