Citrine Just Rocks!

Are you seeking to add a little extra “Umphf!” in connecting to your higher self? Citrine is the perfect alley as it helps to align one with the higher self and protects your aura at the same time! I love the clearing and uplifting energy that Citrine shares, I usually feel all my emotional fears subside and gain clarity. Citrine is one of my favorites to use on my solar plexus chakra, whenever I feel drained or tight in that area, I place the Citrine on it, focus on my breathing and I can actually feel an expansion through my mid- section, I can see the color becoming brighter and I feel stronger in my power. It only takes a few minutes, whenever you need a quick solar plexus pick-me-up, give it a try, you will feel better!

One of the nice things about Citrine is that it does not hold or accumulate negative energy, it simply dissipates and transmutes it to its highest vibration. This is yet another one of my favorites to have in various rooms through-out my home, especially in the prosperity corner to help attract wealth and abundance. In some folklore Citrine was known as the “merchant’s stone”, and to place a cluster in your cash drawer will attract, and maintain wealth.   Why not try carrying a piece in your wallet, you have nothing to lose and a good possibility of something to gain, you just never know what the Universe will deliver, be open and graciously receive whatever gifts the Universe sends your way!

Brightest of Blessings…