Chrysocolla Intensity Factor

Chrysocolla reminds me of a miniature version of Mother Earth, all the tones of blue and green are very similar to what you see in a photo of Earth from outer space J  The energies mixed with the colors can be intense, maybe even overwhelming for some people.  I highly recommend adding some rose quartz or blue lace agate into the mix, this will help lessen the intensity so you can focus more on what you are intending to release.  Chrysocolla is an excellent stone for forgiveness, it helps you to see the situation from a higher perspective, and realize that forgiveness is truly about releasing yourself from the pain, and cutting cords with the person you hold un-forgiveness towards.

Here is a little ceremony or ritual from DJ Conway’s Crystal Enchantments, that some of you RoseBuds may want to try to help you feel better:

“When trying to remove yourself from a troublesome or situation or relationship (that may lead to potential danger), draw a nine-inch circle on a sheet of paper.  Set a piece of Chrysocolla in the center of the circle.  Sit and meditation on what this situation is costing you in self-esteem, physical danger, mental and emotional stress, even money.  Do this for nine nights, each time moving the stone a little closer to the edge of the circle.  In the meantime, take whatever appropriate and necessary physical action is needed.  By the ninth night, you should be able to remove the stone completely from the circle.  If, however, you have procrastinated and taken no action to help yourself, moving the stone over the edge of the circle will not gain the freedom you seek.”

Physical action is an important part of healing and releasing old patterns, set your intentions, take action and you can accomplish healing on many levels.

Brightest of Blessings… Chrissie

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