Cherry Crystal: Is it Real?

Cherry Crystal is a man-made material, made from glass with colored glass inclusions. Crystal purists tend to shy away from working with this often maligned “crystal”. However, what they may have forgotten is that glass is made of the same cosmic stuff as crystals and so it has its own energy signature.

Glass is made from the combining of the Four Directions; through fire and air the earth is made liquid, and then back to solid form, though it is completely changed. Because it is changed, Cherry Quartz is great for supporting you as your life changes. Another reason is it good for transformation is because of its cherry color. I like calling this “cheery quartz” because it is so uplifting to gaze at. Cherry Quartz carries the energies of rebirth, focus, passion and creativity. Having it in your living space may help you to feel better about any life challenge you’re facing. We have Cherry Quartz in a Generator form, which will amplify the energy, increasing it more. And, we have it in sphere form; which is a softer, radiating energy. Cherry Quartz, is not quartz. But it is real, and offers you Gifts that will help you to feel better.

Shine On! Hope

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