Celestite is Calling from the Heavens

For the past two months all the Celestite I have at home and all the Celestite we have at RoseSprings has been calling out to be noticed.  When I say calling out, it’s what happens when I am working with crystals, one in particular will take up the whole screen in my 3rd eye, it’s the only stone I will see.  When I am at home I get near my crystal box, boom!  There is Celestite, taking up the entire view in sight…lol.  Celestite is highly attuned to the angel realm, particularly the Archangel Gabriel who expresses flashes of light blue when she is around, (I sense Archangel Gabriel as feminine energy.)  Archangel Gabriel is known as the Messenger Angel.  When you team the energy of the crystals and the angels you have one potent source to help you feel better!

Celestite is calling out to humanity at this time to help us evolve to a higher level of consciousness.  If you’ve been feeling an inner pull to release all that is blocking you from experiencing inner peace, Celestite invites you to work with its vibrations to help you obtain that inner peace.  Celestite will help bring you to a new awareness of personal truth that will empower, and link you with the angels to fulfill your life purpose.  This is one powerful angelic crystal, the color resembles a beautiful light celestial blue, and wards off all unwanted energy, frequencies, thoughts and entities.  This beautiful color is also a great color to infuse into your aura for protection.  It will also enhance your precognitive abilities through dreams and clairaudience (clear hearing).  If you work with Celestite, pay attention, and even journal your dreams, I can’t stress this enough, journaling is a great tool to have on your spiritual journey, try it out for a few weeks and see what it can do for you J

Brightest of Blessing,

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