Celestite for Evoking the Angels

Seasons Greetings RoseBuds. During this time of all the hustle and bustle with family, friends, work and more, the angels want you to know that they are here for you, just waiting for you to ask for their assistance.  Take the time to connect, daily, and stay grounded.  Remember that there are a myriad of crystals to help you with these daily tasks, Celestite is a very powerful crystal for connecting to your guardian angels, and other various angels that help you throughout life.  I shared recently that Celestite was coming in loud and clear that it wanted to be noticed, they are calling the ones they belong to, not just Celestite, but whatever stones or crystals you are drawn to, they want to be with you!  They want to help you feel better in all ways!

The following is from Doreen Virtue’s Crystal Therapy book, this is the channeled message of Archangel Gabriel through Celestite:

“As an angelic messenger, I’m a conduit expediting the vibration of prayers on this plane.  Moving between dimensions, I help integrate levels of consciousness and escalate ascension into the domain of the Heaven’s grace.  I’m found with those who accept that angels are here now, and I bring those with instinctive appreciation to a conscious initiation.  Communication with the Divine is a birthright, and intuition or angelic guidance is available to everyone.  It’s a choice that defines aptitude, or attentiveness to subtle signs that create interaction.  “I’m also a stone of personal truth.  Through working with me in meditation, doors will open.  You’ll see the essence of your Higher Self and learn how to bring forward all your gifts.”

The angels were lovingly adamant, that I share the above message, and leave you with one question… Do you believe in angels?

Brightest of Blessings,

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