Carnelian Great Gridding Stone

Everywhere I’ve lived for the past 10 years, I’ve set up a basic crystal grid around my property.  Sometimes the crystals are different, but one remains the same…. Carnelian, it’s a staple in my property grids.  There are also times when friends have asked me to help energetically cleanse and set up property grids and 10 times out of 10, I am spiritually guided to use carnelian.  Carnelian is top notch as it provides protection from any kind of negative energy and anyone who intentionally sends negative vibes your way.

Carnelian is also great for smaller grids for your home or office.   If any of you RoseBuds are looking for a way to boost your creativity, try gridding with carnelian.  You can also have a piece set at your desk at work, or next to your creative space in your home.  It does a great job at awakening those creative juices!  Whenever I have digestive issues, I’ll wear or carry this little beauty with me too, to help balance out my appetite and calm my digestive system

And lastly, if you find that your sexual energies are low, carnelian will happily lift those energies and help you feel better about being intimate, it will also help you heal things associated with sexual trauma.

Brightest of Blessing,

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