Candles Make Me Smile

RoseBuds… I love, love, love candles!  My inner child, maiden, and crone love to work with candles for various things and I love to give candles as gifts for all occasions!  Candles are great for ambiance, meditation, gridding, prayer and just relaxing.  Some candles that I’m drawn to are simply for their color, others it’s the scent or sometimes my intent.   Some candles are infused with healing energies, others are made with certain intentions (such as Love, Peace, and Gratitude.)  There are candles for each of the 7 Chakras, candles for Feng Shui, and candles for candle rituals.  Whatever your candle needs, you’ll find just the right one to gift or just to help you feel better.

RoseSprings carries a line of candles by Crystal Journey Candles that I just love for all the reasons I listed above.  Let’s say you have a friend who just moved or bought a home, you want to give them a little housewarming gift, try adding the Housewarming Candle, the scents of apple, cinnamon and orange will create a feeling of warmth and coziness in their new little abode.  Maybe you want to create a grid to attract more money into your life, the Money candle makes a great center piece (only burn when you are attending your grid and doing affirmations, make sure candle is out when you are not around), the herbs in the Money candle all carry supportive energy for manifesting abundance in many areas of your life.  The Crystal Journey Candles have affirmations for each intention available.  The affirmation for Money is; “May prosperity flow freely through my life.”  Some of my other favorite candles infused with intention are; Love, Peace, Protection, Positive Energy, Abundance, this list goes on and on…. Stop on by RoseSprings and check it out for yourself, you’ll be glad you did!

Brightest of Blessing,

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