Candle Magic & Calcite

When you combine crystals, candles and intentions, you have the makings for something magical!  Calcite is one of my favorites to use in candle magic, or candle prayer, whatever you want to call it, it’s all about your intentions.  Try using three pieces of blue calcite, set up as a triangle, with a blue candle in the middle.  As you light the candle, call upon your highest guides, angels and beings of light with love and gratitude.  Take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to feel the energies of the calcite, the color blue and the element of fire.  Now focus on your prayer, request, question for spirit, gaze upon the flame and keep breathing.  Find a visual to enhance your request, keep focus and be open to receiving messages through your various senses.  When you are ready to blow out the candle, ask that the supportive energies you are receiving from the angels, guides, crystals, etc. continue to be with you throughout the week and give thanks for this continuous support.

You can use any color of calcite and a matching candle, depending on what you are seeking… try green for matters of the heart, clear for clarity, orange for protection, red to drain negative emotions.  Repeat this prayer ritual as often as you feel the need and allow the universe to work its magic, and deliver amazing things into your life to help you feel spiritually better!

Brightest of Blessings…


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