Can you hear the Crystals Whisper?

Hey RoseBuds, did you know that crystals whisper? They each have a message to share, these messages come from the spirit, essence, and archangels. As always their messages are packed with love, light and words of wisdom to help you feel spiritually better!

The message from Doreen Virtue’s Crystal Therapy was chosen to be shared during the energies of the full moon, I hope you are inspired, uplifted and find some clarity in this week’s message. While each color of calcite has it’s own message to share, the following message is from the calcite collective:

“We are a family of colors united as the people of the earth. Each of us is different at first glance, yet we’re much the same upon deeper review. We carry the history of being within us: Shaped in the cradle of earth by water and air, we bring emotions to light. Today we ask you to partake in a journey of explorations as brothers and sisters, with trust and understanding. Peel back the layers of emotional sediment to openly reveal your magical essence.”

What better time to reveal your magical essence than during the full moon?! Keep on shining!

Brightest of Blessings…


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