Calcites Message from the Angels

Hey RoseBuds, did you know that each crystal has a bright and beautiful Archangel tucked away neatly inside? Their energy and messages are bound to help your spirit feel better! Today I’d like to share the channeled message of the Archangels through the spirit of Calcite. The following channeled message comes from Doreen Virtues “Crystal Therapy” book…. Hope you find it helpful and the words will fill you full of hope, faith, healing and everything you need in the moment.
Today’s message is from the spirit of Blue Calcite:
“Speak of where the body is weary, holding tension or disease, so I may work with you to expel the negativity locked in your physical self. Journey with me in quiet contemplations, and I will reveal the point of pain, then help you acknowledge and release whatever doesn’t support your highest good.”
Blue Calcite resonates to the Archangels Jophiel (Beauty of God), Raguel (Friend of God), and Raphael (God Heals). The angels are always with you, all you need to do is ask for their help and they are there in a heartbeat!
Brightest of Blessings…


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