Calcite for an Extra Boost!

Hey RoseBuds, did you know that Calcite boosts the energy of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies?  Doesn’t matter which color, always choose what you are drawn to, you’ll get the boost you need to help you feel better.  We are so blessed with the entire crystal family that Mother Earth provides us with for healing and helping others.  Calcite is happy to share all the love and healing energies that they contain within, match that with the various Archangels associated with Calcite and you have one great supportive team in your corner.  Some of the Archangels associated with Calcite are; Archangel Ariel, Azrael, Haniel, Michael, Raphael.  Ariel assists with nature and animals, Azrael with death, transformation and grieving; Haniel assist with grace, Michael is the ultimate protector and Raphael the ultimate healer.

Please enjoy the following channeled message from Doreen Virtues Crystal Therapy book:

“We are a family of colors united as the people of the earth.  Each of us is different at first glance, yet we’re much the same upon deeper review.  We carry the history of being within us:  Shaped in the cradle of earth by water and air, we bring emotions to light.  Today we ask you to partake in a journey of exploration as brothers and sisters, with trust and understanding.  Peel back the layers of emotional sediment to openly reveal your magical essence.”

I find this message to be quite fitting with all the energetic shifts occurring around and within in us as we get into the New Year.  Perhaps Calcite is calling out at this time to assist us in releasing our old emotional baggage and prepare ourselves for greater things to come.

Brightest of Blessings… Chrissie

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