Butterflies – Making Transformation Effortlessly

Butterfly 4Butterflies are my all time favorite winged thing. They are like flying flowers of color and joy. I am lifted up whenever I see one. I also like their constant remind that I too am changing, effortlessly, just by being open to being me. The attributes associated with the Butterfly include; metamorphosis, transformation (specifically spiritual transformation but could be any), letting go and spreading your wings, and of achievement of higher goals. Because of their winged nature they are also known as Divine Messengers; the Butterfly shows the beauty within you, a divine message indeed.

We have a wide selection of these beautiful creatures, to place in your own home. Allow them to support your growth, your spreading of wings so that you may soar. Place one on your altar as you work through a challenging transformation. Listen to any Messages it offers you, and let it lift you up in joy. Butterflies, as with all Animal Medicine, offer us unique gifts; all designed to help you feel better. And, that’s what we offer you here at RoseSpringsCenter. Come visit us today, and meet your Butterfly Helper. And, let us help you feel better today.

Shine On!


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