Bring Back Your Child with Orange Calcite

Do you ever find your adult responsible task oriented self over shadowing your child like, imaginative and playful needs and desires?  Well I’ve got a stone energy helper for you.  It’s Orange Calcite a stone vibrating with playfulness, positivity, and imagination.  The orange color connects us to our Sacral Chakra, our center for our desires, reproduction and sexuality.  This stone is also helpful when working with depression because it has such a bright and light hearted personality.  It taps into our creativity, brings out our youthfulness, and helps us to reframe life in a more positive way.   Kind of like biting into that cool, juicy orange on a hot summer day!  Put a big chunk of Orange Calcite on your dresser to remind you each day to be childlike in spirit and refreshing in attitude, or carry a smaller stone around with you to keep some of that easy going vibe with you to feel better throughout the day!

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Love and Laughter,

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