Bowenwork’s Gentle Moves Promote Healing on All Levels

Rosebuds, we are experiencing times of exponential growth, and as we do grow we may experience discomfort. It is no wonder that we use the term growing pains, yet, suffering can be alleviate with proper prevention and proper care. As we go through challenges and the necessary shifts that come with them, we need to support our physical vessels.  Our bodies are the mean through which we exist, and live and they need to be supported, to support us emotionally, mentally and spiritually in return.

We can trust that our bodies have a knowledge and with that the ability necessary to heal themselves when given the right tools, fuel, and environment. Yet, again at times, our bodies need a little extra help to heal and to thrive.

When they are not supported, our bodies may develop chronic issues that overtime take their toll and could lead to further and more complex conditions. Pain is there for you to notice and to listen to your body.  Ramilton Franco, Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Bowenwork Practitioner, can help you feel better, and with you participation develop a treatment plan that will facilitate the healing any chronic issues, or simply maintain optimum health. Rosebuds, when you select a practitioner, you want someone that listen to you, works with you and is willing to enter into a co-creative healing process. Ramilton’s intuition is guiding him and teaching him how to best serve your healing needs.

Ramilton’s knowledge of Bowenwork affords him a unique opportunity to work in the least intrusive of fashion.  Bowenwork is a series of specific “moves” that are gentle but purposeful and that can be done through light clothing.  They send signals that are delivered to the nervous system at specific locations, and help the body to come back to a place of balance.  Ramiltons stresses the idea that chronic issues caused by trauma, will be healed, but may takes time and more than one session if the trauma has existed for a long period of time.  And that is due to the fact that overtime the body has learned to compensate for the trauma, and it now has to be supported to let go and come back to a place of alignment.

Rosebuds, our nervous system is our dispatch center, allowing the body to respond to our brain’s communications and it is being bombarded with all sorts of external factor and also by the new incoming energies.  Please, at this time, more than ever, remember that it is essential to take care of yourselves.  Bowenwork and massage therapy in the hands of Ramilton, are perfect ways to move energy through your bodies, and to release blockages.  Let health flow through, relax and let yourselves heal.  You are in good hands!

We are One.  Light, Love and Power.


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