Introducing an amazing manual therapy with a different approach

by Ramilton Franco, LMT

Not many therapies can claim to be as effective, gentle and painless as Bowenwork on treating a multitude of conditions that affect the human body. In comparison to other established therapies, Bowenwork had its beginnings very recently only in the 1950s. Tom Bowen who passed away in 1986 was a layman from Australia who developed and passed its technique to future generations. He had a gift to find unhealthy patterns on the body and through experimentation and self-education, treated thousands of clients during his life time.

Bowenwork consists mostly of applying a “move” to muscles, tendons and fascia, and letting the body’s innate healing ability to take over. These moves have the effect of resetting the autonomic nervous system and a rebalancing of the following mechanisms: stretch reflex, joint proprioceptors, fascia, viscerosomatic spinal reflexes, lymph flow, meridians and detoxification. Groups of moves target specific areas of the body and are called procedures so when treating the neck would involve a “neck procedure”, treating shoulder is a “shoulder procedure”, and so forth. Depending on the areas being treated, individual health and exposure to the therapy, sessions can last from 30 minutes to one hour. A minimum of 3 sessions scheduled a week apart are recommended and once conditions have been addressed then client can be on a monthly maintenance schedule or return when needed.

Are there any risks? Hardly, Practitioners are trained to spot possible issues and contra indications during assessment but the therapy is so gentle and light that it can be done on any age group and healthy conditions. Clients experience profound relaxation and occasionally feel momentarily lightheaded after session. Another great benefit of this therapy is better sleep, digestive functions and increase in energy.

Bowenwork stimulate the body to heal itself in its own manner, like a catalyst, rather than force a healing reaction through input of outside energy and that’s how Bowen Therapy is different from massage, acupressure, chiropractic, trigger therapy and physical therapy. It’s certainly not a cure-all and like all therapies, it has failures.