Bismuth, the ”Helper Crystal”

BismuthLast month we shared a stone that will help you initiate positive changes in your life. This month we introduce Bismuth as the crystalline stone that will support those new changes. Bismuth is unusual because it cannot grow into its true form without guidance from a lab. What does this tell us about its healing gifts? Once it becomes a crystal, bismuth is a “helper”.

Bismuth is a stone of transformation and change. It will aid you in adapt to your changes with calm assurance. It also relieves feelings of isolation, and encourages harmonious group dynamics. Because it raises psychic awareness while also grounding you; it’s great for meditations, shamanic journeys, and any focused visualization. This stone could be used in a Stone Grid, on the major or minor Gridlines, to help you manifest changes that make you feel better. And, it’s pretty to look at, so I always feel uplifted when I work with it. Give Bismuth a chance to help you feel better too.

Shine On!
Rev. Hope

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