Benefits of Thai Massage

by Anna Dale, LMT

Have you ever had a Thai Massage?  Thai Massage is unique from Swedish and Deep Tissue in many ways.  For starters, it occurs on a mat on the floor rather than on a table and the recipient is fully clothed in loose, comfortable clothing.  In this unique set up, new ways to stretch and apply pressure become available, and the body is free to open in ways you may not experience on a table.

I first experienced Thai Massage personally about 6 years ago.  I remember very distinctly the relief I felt that finally!  Someone had the knowledge and technique to reach the depth of pressure and stretch that my body was craving.  It was a transformational discovery in my life and I was so excited to be part of Allison Lurie’s class at East West College where I learned many of the techniques I now use with clients.

I am particularly fond of the way Thai Massage is successful in opening the hips.  But the benefits do not stop there.  One key component of Thai Massage is the concept of Metta or loving kindness.  One way to think about this healing art is that it is a physical application of Metta.  Kindness is key when approaching the body and asking it to move and open in new or long-forgotten ways.  If you’ve never experienced this style of massage, I highly suggest giving it a try.  Your body will thank you!