Awakening Soul In The Physical Body

By Anna Dale, Licensed Therapist, Shamanic and Intuitive Healer

Can Massage Help Manifest Your Dreams?

Perhaps this is not the usual way people have come to think of massage.  It’s purpose is to help soothe sore muscles, right?  To create more range of motion through joints and loosen connective tissue and promote relaxation…. right?!

Well, yes, AND — there can also be a deeper purpose to massage.

You see:  We are more than just our physical bodies.  We are also spirit, energy, emotion, and soul.  ALL of these layers need tending in order to manifest a life of THRIVING.

Of particular importance is our Life Force Energy.  Called Prana in some cultures, the Holy Spirit, Qi, and Kundalini…

It’s what animates us from the first cry of awakening at our birth, and it carries us through life as we go.  And it is an energy that we can partner with to help us manifest our Soul Dreams and create a life filled with, well, ALIVENESS!

In this healing massage offering, we tend all the layers of YOU, and discover together where this potent life energy is blocked.  In so doing, we can begin to work with the energetic and physical layers and create openings for new possibilities… Dissolving of old, constrictive habits.

This isn’t something that will happen overnight… Sometimes major breakthroughs can and do happen in a moment.  But life is a process.  We are made of trillions of cells, and so long as LIFE is flowing through us, change is the name of the game.  But it is important to remember that we have INFLUENCE over how this life flows in and through us.  We are POWERFUL beyond what we’ve been led to believe and were taught in school, and we can PARTNER with this life energy, becoming aware of its needs & flows.  We can make NEW CHOICES that SUPPORT and ENHANCE a more JOYFUL and PLEASURABLE flow of life in our day-to-day realities….


Are you in the midst of a life change??

Are you looking to instigate or create a life change?

If you answer YES, your soul is calling you.  Your dream is calling you.

And it is up to you to follow the call wherever it may lead….

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