Avoiding the lasting effect from a Motor Vehicle Accident

Let’s be honest Rosebuds, everyone loves to get a good relaxing massage, but if your doctor prescribed massages as part of your treatment plan after a motor vehicle accident, relaxing is not what you have in mind… The stress on your body is causing you to feel fatigue, pain is having you restless and trauma has your heart pumping each time you get back into your car. Well, we know and because we do we know how to help you feel better… Years of experience combined with unique training and abilities, a nurturing environment, and loving hands is what Anna Dale, Licensed Massage Therapist and Integrative Healer is here to offer.

While her massages will bring relief to your sprains, strains and injuries, reducing pain and swelling, improving your range of motion, and improving circulation, Anna also addresses energy blockages created by the trauma, resulting from the fear you experienced and the flaming injuries you sustained; helping to restore blood flow but also life energy flow and preventing the formation of scare tissue, and other lasting ailments.  Her therapy does wonders on neck pain and headaches from whiplash, relieving pressure and pain in your head, shoulders and even ribs and hips. Trust me, I wish I had known Anna when I got my first car accident; then again, when I was violently hit twice from behind , last October… I had treatment of course, but it didn’t fully solve my issues, and back pain.  I  thought I had to accept pain as a lifelong result of it. Well, guess what!? Now I know better, I am letting Anna work her magic on me and, I already feel better!

What about you, what will you do?

We are one, Light, Love and Power,

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