Astrology Classes

This Class is an 8 Weeks Course beginning  April 8 1-3 pm and continuing on Monday evenings.

Teacher: Ellen Saunders

After graduating from the U of MO in 1967 with a degree in political science Ellen Saunders moved to Chicago with her new husband David Mc Ardle. Several years later she began her astrological studies in an adult education class. A year later while at a business picnic for her husband’s company she found her self in conversation with the great astrological and spiritual teacher Christine Lorigan Rechter. Christine soon became a beloved teacher and friend. When Ellen’s husband was transferred to Louisville KY.

Ellen joined a group that became the Kentucky Astrological Society. She served as program chair for that group till her departure in 1974. During her time in KY she taught astrology in an adult education class. She also began her astrological practice. In 1973 she and her beloved teacher Christine, along with other Americans, attended the astrological conference in Surry England organized by Al Morrison. Al became another influential teacher and friend during this formative time of learning for Ellen. She also met a third life-changing mentor in KY who taught and initiated Ellen into an ancient

European earth tradition. A second transfer for her husband in 1974 returned Ellen to her hometown of Portland where she became the program chairman for the Portland Astrological Society and taught astrology chart math for Press Roberts. It was at an astrological event held at Lewis and Clark College where she met the wife of her next teacher who would teach her in the tradition of Theurgy.

Ellen has continued her spiritual practices and her astrological inquires through out the years. She is a ritual leader of an ancient tradition. She specializes in natal astrology, teaching spiritual growth techniques for individuals and couples, and shamanic quests. She was privileged to host Don Jose Matsuwa the Huichol Shaman and Brant Secunda at Silvanus Grove. She consults and sets electional charts for proper timing to begin new businesses, marriages and new ventures. She also teaches world flute improvisation as a spiritual practice. Her home at Silvanus Grove has been a sanctuary for many diverse spiritual events as well as environmental and social justice meetings.


Syllabus for the Beginning Astrology Course in preparation for inner the journey

This will be a beginner’s survey course of basic astrological techniques for preparation for work with the Inner Guide Meditation. Intermediate and advanced work in delineation will be offered in separate courses.

This groundwork for the inner guide meditation work will prepare the student to enter into their own inner landscape to discover their gifts and challenges through the use of astrology, tarot and guided shamanic processes.

Math calculations will be done on computer so there will be no mathematical hand calculation of the chart taught unless asked for.

All students are asked to provide the data necessary to set up an accurate natal chart before the first class, which includes: Date place and exact time of birth.  At the first class I will provide the charts and we will begin to delineate the charts.  In 8 weeks we will cover these basics:

Week One:

The Horoscope is a blueprint of the personal electrical grid.

Understanding the alphabet of 12 signs 10 planets and 12 houses.

Week Two

Understanding the 10 planet, the signs they rule naturally and the associated archetypal energy they manifest (asteroids come later)

Week Three

Understanding the influence of the ascendant, MC and the 12 houses, the window through which the planets shine.

Week Four

Putting the chart together

Major Aspects

Patterns of the chart

Condition of Mercury

Vocational indicator

Planetary strengths

Week Five

The transits, progressions and solar return charts

Week Six

Comparison and relationship charts

Week Seven

Location charts and relocation charts

Week Eight

Survey of election charts, picking the right time to start an endeavor (no Moon void of course times, and no squares from the Moon).  Horary charts ask a question and the strict rules for finding the answer.

Tarot Correlations from The inner Guide Meditation by Edwin C. Steinbrecher and references to the Tarot by Paul Foster Case:

Uranus-The Fool-0

Mercury-The Magician-1

The Moon- The High Prestess-2

Venus-The Empress-3

Aries-The Emperor-4

Taurus-The Hierphant-5

Gemini-The dKivers-6

Cancer-The Chariot-7


Virgo-The Hermit-9

Jupiter-Wheel of Fortune-10


Neptune-Hanged Man-12



Capricorn-The Devil-15

Mars-The Tower-16

Aquarius-The Star-17

Pisces-The Moon-18

Sun-The Sun-19


Saturn-The Worl