Astrology: A Window to the Soul

Hey Rosebuds!  I’m so excited today to tell you about a ‘typical’ (and you know there’s no typical) session with Astrologer, Raphael Fitch.  And, to remind you that you still have a couple of days to book (you don’t have to have the session before Aug. 1…just book it) to take advantage of his July Special, 60 minute Astrology Session for only $85 (regularly $130.)

Anyway, a client who recently had a session with Raphael shared a little of his experience with me.  “Raphael is gentle, calm, grounded and healing, felt like a quiet wise uncle…”  The client goes on to say that his session gave him insight and advice for the present which will help him to achieve his goals.   His session with Raphael left him feeling good about himself, more appreciative of his being, journey and gifts.  He’s excited about the future and says that Raphael gave him specific knowledge that will test the boundaries of his understanding that will help him grow and become a better person and healer.

I can’t believe it, but in preparing for YOUR reading Raphael spends three hours.  He studies your chart in depth, looking at the position of each planet at the exact time and location in which you were born.  He also incorporates a birthday year chart so he can see where the planets were at your birth time and at the present time of reading.  Your birth given name is also essential to the reading, as everything has a vibration and numbers play an integral part (those who’ve studied numerology will know what I mean.)

I’ve got my session booked with him next week, so please ask me about it the next time you’re in and if you want an awesome reading please call 503-693-9101 to book TODAY.  Have your birthdate, place and time plus given name handy.

May the stars be in harmony for you!

Brightest of Blessings… Chrissie

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