Astrologically speaking… it’s your time to shine Leo!

Did you know that Onxy, Citrine, and Buddstone (African Jade) are all associated with the sign of Leo? Due to various planets and elements each zodiac sign is associated with, there are a myriad of stones to choose from.

During the month of August all our Onyx, Citrine, and Buddstone are 20% off!

One of my favorite stones to use for attracting abundance is citrine because it attracts prosperity on all levels.  Citrine also enhances your self-esteem and helps strengthen the connection to your higher self. Onyx is great for balancing the male and female polarities within your being and is great for protection. It’s also a strong protective stone, protecting the user from negativities from others.  Buddstone, also known as African Jade, it is such a soft and subtle energy.  Yet when I hold it in my hand I feel refreshed and happy, I just feel better throughout my entire being.  Buddstone is a great way to connect the first, fourth and seventh charkas.  Now that’s connected!  Which stones resonate to you?

Brightest of Blessings…

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