Aquamarine Glasses?

Hey RoseBuds, I was just reading a little folklore on Aquamarine, did you know that in days of old, eye glasses were made of aquamarine because of the soothing affect it has on the eyes?  Some people think of stones and crystals as a “new age” thing, but in reality, they are the earth’s medicine.  For centuries the people of the East held this stone in high regard and deemed it the stone of the mystic and the seer, and considered it a gem that imparts purity to the wearer.

Aquamarine is one of the few stones I haven’t dreamt about, but if you do dream about it, aquamarine is telling you that you are manifesting loving friendships, happy relationships and pleasant social activity.  There are many benefits of aquamarine that are sure to help you feel better.  When I think of a clear mind or clear thought, I usually visualize the colors of aquamarine and it is great for bringing calmness, peace and inspiration into your aura and mind.  Try using aquamarine while meditating, with its ability to clear the mind and act as a seer stone, you’re bound to have some pretty amazing visions in your meditation.  Did you know that aquamarine is also a great stone for the solar plexus?  The vibrations of aquamarine strengthens your personal power and aids you in taking control of any situation where you must be powerful.  Hold a piece to your solar plexus, really tune in and see how you feel and embrace that feeling and own it!

Brightest of Blessings… Chrissie

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