Anna’s Story

by Anna Dale, LMT

“I am passionate about being a soul in a body. After a severe back injury rowing in college at age 18, my life was never the same. Pain became my constant companion, and I embarked upon a quest to maintain a sense of joy, fun, function and purpose in my life.

Pain woke me up and led me on a path of self-discovery and deep learning. Yoga, dance, personal growth workshops… I was on a mission! And thought I was ‘managing’ my pain pretty well until an additional car accident re-injured the same place in my spine!  Ten years after the initial injury, I was back to square one, and felt even worse. I was in more pain and had less function & mobility than the first time around. Again, my life would never be the same.

I dug deep in an all-or-nothing-moment and prayed: “Help me figure out how to heal and be happy in my life, or help me to leave.” It was the lowest point I have known. But what ensued has been truly magical. I was blessed to work with some extraordinary healers and re-discover what a joy it is to be in a body. I learned to connect to my authentic expression, intuition, and power. I have experienced healing and integration on many levels, and I can honestly say that I am grateful to be alive.

Along this road back to my true nature, I became a licensed massage therapist, dipped into the world of shamanism, and LOVE to DJ and facilitate ecstatic dance and conscious movement events here in Portland. I am so excited to share my gifts and help you on your path toward health and joy.”