Allowing Conscious Creation

Rosebuds, Merilou Hundley is back, better than ever and ready to help you not only feel better, but to change your life for the better. Counselor, coach, energy healer, she is a talented and gifted asset if you desire to make a change in your life and are ready to embark in the healing process of creating your own reality.

So, she asks you: “do you believe that you can create our own reality?  If so, why isn’t everyone happy and successful?”  With self-awareness, a change of attitude, and a few simple tools; Merilou Hundley leads you to a calmer life with less dramatic or chaotic events and emotions. She adds: “changing your attitude is easier than you think… actually; changing your perspective is what changes your attitude.  And that is the KEY, how you perceive something, your reality, and the events that you experience, changes how it shows up in your reality. In another word, what happens in your life is a reflection, a mirror to what you experience life on the inside.  Your thoughts, emotions and beliefs are showing themselves in your life, as the events that you created.

With that in mind, you can now begin to imagine (and please do, do spend time imagining it, visualize it, feeling it, giving it life) how beautifully and easily you can have a happier life? Trust Merilou’s incredible ability to find and identify what may subconsciously be hindering you, and trust that she can help clear these blockages, whether tied to you through past events or past life events or even passed on to you through your family lineage. Wherever these blocks may reside, clearing them is the way through to create a new flow of abundance and radiance, inside yourself and in your world.

So dear Rosebuds, healing can be simple and painless – moving through past traumas without re-living them – is essential to moving forward. And now, that you understand the concept of conscious creation, heal and go forth and create beautiful, with peace and joy!

We are One.  Light, love, and Power.

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