Align with True Nature

By Anna Dale, LMT

Does your life take the true shape of YOU or do you shape yourself to the external pressures life can place upon you?  There are many things in life you can align to, your work schedule, the kids’ schedule, societal norms, familial expectations ….and a 100 other outside pressures.

When you are out of alignment with your soul and your deepest human needs, it all shows up in the body.  You might feel depressed, lonely, scared, numb, bored, anxious or deeply frustrated.  All of these emotions are normal and human and nothing to be avoided, however, if you have set up camp in one or of these states of being, it is time to shake up the status quo!

If you are feeling overly influenced by the outside world and are not in contact with your soul as you desire to be, it is time to unplug from the routine.  Life can get really interesting when you begin to align to your soul and the deepest dreams and desires of your being.  Sit in meditation.  Take a walk in nature.  Listen to that still, small voice inside.  Do something that you love.

You might want to even consider booking a Soul Alignment massage.  This special massage uses western massage modalities alongside of shamanic seeing and intuition.  Be prepared to feel relief of aches & pains, more in tune with your inner guidance & wisdom (aka, your body!), and lighter in spirit.  I can’t wait to work with you!!