A Few Tips for Working with Selenite

Greetings RoseBuds!  I have a few tidbits that I want to share when it comes to working with Selenite.  First, never run your selenite under water, or soak in water.  Selenite is a soft stone and will be damaged by water.  Second, thanks to the awesome properties of Selenite not retaining negativity of any kind, this is a stone that never needs cleansing.  Always follow your intuition, if you feel you need to cleanse, then trust your intuition.  Selenite is the perfect stone to cleanse other stones, I have a Selenite lamp with a flat surface that is perfect for cleansing stones and the jewelry I wear with various crystals.

Selenite works well for activating grids, energy sprays and even working with candle magic.  When working with candle magic, just set your intentions and use the Selenite to activate the magic or call in the Angels & Spirit Guides to infuse your candles with their energy.   According to DJ Conways Crystal Enchantments when you dream of Selenite can indicate that you are entering a pleasant period where your home will be the center of positive social interactions.  One simple way to help yourself feel better is to run the Selenite over your body (or place upon your body) to feel the effects of this wonderful healing stone.

Brightest of Blessings… Chrissie

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