A Diet for Healing…

Do you ever feel sluggish after eating certain foods or do you feel energized?  If you continuously eat foods that make you feel sluggish, your energy levels are always going to be down and when your energy is down, it can affect your mood and health.  One of RoseSprings newest practitioners, Linda R. Post is a Holistic Health Professional, she can help you figure out what foods are best for your body by using muscle testing to communicate with your body to figure out which foods it desires to maintain a healthy balance.  By feeding our bodies the healthy foods it needs, we can improve many other areas of our lives helping us ‘feel better’ every day.

It’s my belief that many of our ailments can be treated with a proper diet.  Once I figured out that my body didn’t like gluten and dairy, I was able to change my diet and feel better all over!  The dairy made me feel sluggish and it made my aura actually feel cloudy.  We only have these bodies for a limited time and we need to take the best care we can so we can live long and happy lives.

Linda offers a free class called “Foods for your Insides and Outsides” where you can come and explore what foods your body likes and dislikes.  If you are interested check the website calendar for the next scheduled class or call 503-693-9101.

Brightest of Blessing,

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