A Common Misunderstanding

What Does Your Doctor Know?

In the unfortunate event that you are in an auto accident, do you know which insurance gets billed first for your medical care?  Is it your health insurance or your car insurance?  How about if you have an accident at work?  Which insurance gets billed for your care?  Is it your health insurance?  Is there such a thing as workers’ compensation insurance?  Will any of the above cover therapeutic massage?  In the current confusion over health care insurance have any of the above answers recently changed?

Are you confused?  Well, it is possible that your medical doctor does not have all the answers either.  And because your doctor cares about you and knows that you are responsible to pay any medical services that are not covered by insurance, they may stick to a few tried and proven paths of medical treatments that have been covered in the past.  This means they may be overlooking how beneficial medical massage is for people who have been in accidents.

This oversight is because health insurance coverage seems to be shrinking in many ways.  Many companies are no longer covering many things.  This often means that they will no longer pay for medical massage.  But this is not true for your auto insurance or workers’ comp insurance companies.  They recognize the amazing results their clients get from good medical massage treatments.  We, at RoseSprings Medical, have had little trouble in successful billing to these companies.

So, if you or someone you know is hurting from a recent accident be sure to talk to your doctor about massage therapy.  If your doctor agrees that this treatment will be helpful they can write a prescription for massage.  With this prescription, RoseSprings Medical can bill your insurance for the medical massage services done by the massage therapists of RoseSprings Center.

Stay safe.  Drive carefully.  But when you need us , we are here.