5 Creative Ways to Use a Sarong

Since the first time we started carrying Sarongs in the RoseSprings Gift and Herbal Store I’ve felt graced by their unique beauty.  A sarong is not just a sarong, but rather a beautiful piece of fabric with versatile uses. Here are just a few ways to use one.

  1. Of Course you can use it for a body cover up; over your swim suit or drape under the arm and tie at the neck for a cute cover up blouse.
  2. Sew a casing at one edge of the fabric and gather on a bamboo stick.  You’ve got a fanciful wall hanging that’s inexpensive yet classy.
  3. Use one for a prayer shawl during your meditation time or if you are creating a sacred space, many of the prints are perfect for an alter cloth.
  4. When you’re looking for a tablecloth that says yes, joy or I’m feeling happy consider using one as it will make accent your table setting and lift your spirits.
  5. Do you want to spiffy up those old chairs?  Drape one over the front of the chair back and tie in the back.  It’s inviting and says, “Thanks for coming.”


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